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John Jacobs knew from a young age that agriculture was his passion because of spending summers on his’ grandparents’ farm. He followed his dream by attending the University of Illinois, earning a degree in Agriculture Science. During school he worked on multiple family farms in the Champaign, Illinois, area. Following graduation he moved to Virginia to work in a confinement hog production barn- something revolutionary for the time. It was then that John decided that commercial agriculture was headed in the wrong direction. Years past before John and his wife, Kim, had the opportunity to purchase the farm John had spent his youth’s summers on. John focuses Thistledown Farms on an agriculture model of the 1950s when food was not about price, but rather the true flavor the consumer enjoyed.

About Us

How Do You Order?

Poultry is delivered monthly from mid-May until October. By delivering monthly the farm can assure a fresh product and can assure that the chickens have ample space to live a life that is enjoyable and appropriate. Chickens need 6 weeks to reach maturity and, although we will try, we cannot promise you fresh poultry any sooner than 6 weeks from your order. Call Jim at (419) 509-6389 to place poultry orders.


Pork must be ordered ahead and a waiting list will be compiled. Once the pigs reach maturity, we will contact you and allow you to specify which processing facility you would prefer. You must then make arrangements with the processor to specify how you would prefer your hog cut. Call John at (419) 439-5331 to place pork orders.

The Number 1 Reason to Choose Thistledown Farms:

We care enough to put this information in front of you. We are very proud of our practices and protocols and we think you will, too.

What We Do...

Thistledown Farms’ Specialty Meats and Grains is located in Napoleon, Ohio, and focuses on bringing consumers closer to their food source. The farm raises only Non- GMO crops which are then used as feed for animals on the farm. All feed is ground onfarm to insure purity and that no antibiotics are fed to its animals. Animals have access to grass for grazing, as well. Thistledown Farms poultry is processed and packaged in Holgate, a facility owned by the farm. The farm encourages customers, or potential customers, to tour all facilities to see their

food source. By choosing Thistledown Farms a consumer chooses an economically sustainable product for themselves and the farmer while gaining a few major criteria and benefits of Certified Organic farms.

Why to Buy from Thistledown Farms...

1. We are vertically integrated which allows us to assure you the finest quality while keeping prices competitive and



2.  All feeds are ground on-farm to ensure purity and that no animal receives antibiotics during it life and that no Genetically Modified Organisms enter the animals’ feed source.

"As a mother, it is my aim to give our family the best. The additives and GMO's in our food supply are a concern to me. Thistledown Farm's chicken is the best quality, taste, and price in Northwest Ohio."

- Kendra Roell

3. Animals have outside access, giving the animal a much higher standard-of-living and a lifestyle that is more humane. Also, the outside access allows animals to develop muscle mass giving your meat a much better texture.


4. The corn used in our feed is grown on our farm in Napoleon. Our animals are raised in Napoleon. All of our poultry is processed in Holgate. THIS IS A NORTHWEST OHIO PRODUCT.


Who We Are