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Animal feeding

Thistledown Farms Specialty Meats LLC of Napoleon, OH sells only non-GMO, antibiotic and medication-free corn and soybean meal. Our feeds are specially designed to provide the optimal diet for your poultry and swine without all the extra complications that can result from using GMO feeds. Get 100% natural feed for your animals

  • Non-GMO

  • High in nutritional content

  • Non-fortified

  • Never exposed to glyphosate and formaldehyde

We feed our animals the feed that we grow and sell. Come visit us and see how we work or buy our meat and taste the difference.

  • 54% protein content

  • Improved feed conversion

Quality feeds lead to quality food and that leads to quality farms and healthy communities. Healthy food helps everyone.

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Great Meat Starts With Great Feed

Our Corn Is:

Navita Soybean Feed Provides:

Responsible Farming

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Healthy Feed Ingredients