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The secret to great meat is all in how the animal is raised. We believe in raising healthy, natural animals by giving them non-GMO feed and plenty of room where they can move and grow. Because our animals aren't cooped up, they develop a healthy muscle tone and succulent texture that you just won't find in mass-produced meat.

  • Pasture raised and antibiotic-free

  • Available on a whole or half hog basis

  • Processed to your specifications at a facility of your choice

Come visit the farm to learn how your meat is made and see all the care we take to make our meat sustainable and delicious.

Delicious Specialty Meats

  • Pasture raised and antibiotic free

  • Sold on a live basis

  • Processed at a local cleaning facility,

          J & J poultry

  • Never subjected to chlorine baths

When you buy from Thistledown Farms Specialty Meats LLC of Napoleon, OH, you're buying the baby animal, the feed, the farmer's time, the processing costs, and nothing more.

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Healthy, Satisfying Specialty Meats

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